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The first Russian blue cat appeared in our nursery in 1995. It was a large kitty named Juno of the so-called “Arkhangelsk's type.” It arrivals in our house was caused by the invasion of mice and rats, which were resisted the mongrel “Striped ganster” Vaska, and Timothy the intelligent Thai cat. Reading that the Russian blue cats are beautiful rat-catchers, we decided to buy them. And we were not mistaken! The blue lady saved us in record time.

And although Juno's pedigree data left us much to be desired, her extraordinary intellect and natural delicacy conquered. Yuna turned out to be a good producer. From it's mating with E.CH. Dobrinia Nikitic Murlandija we have two wonderful cats. They are Anfisa and Anastasia Monplizir. We were also purchased a very breed cat Antaeus in the company to our ladies. These cats formed the basis of our cattery. In the future, we acquired a number of high-breeders in well-known European nurseries, which allowed us to continue breeding work at a new modern level.

In 2007, we registered our nursery “Yasno Solnyshko” on the WCF system, and 4 years later, in 2011, registered under the FIFe system. Now there live 26 Russian's Blue breed cats in our cattery. Some of them are withdrawn from breeding and are honorary retirees, periodically participating in exhibitions in the class of veterans.

The producers of our kennel have high titles. They are 3 World Champions. All of them have repeatedly won the exhibitions and WCF-rings, three producers ranked in the top three of the world ranking Best Cat WCF.

In 2008, our attention was attracted by two charming decorative breeds of dogs. They are the Petersburg orchid (long-haired) and the Neva orchid (short-haired). We were so subdued by the beauty and suppleness of orchids that we were decided to buy a puppy.

St Peterburgs orchid cognac-muroy color named Triumph of the White Nights Miranda was a very good buying in the nursery “ Triymph Belih Nochey” from the factiory owner Maria Sycheva.

Miranda marked the beginning of our second mono-breed nursery “Star of Ingria” and left behind a number of high-breed descendants, which are used in breeding in nurseries all over Russia and abroad.

Since its foundation, the nursery has been at St. Petersburg monobreed club of decorative dog breeding “St. Petersburg Orchid” and run by the author of the St. Petersburg orchid breed Nasiba.

Over time, the kennel has replenished with young prospective dogs of different breeding lines and at the moment there are four adult girls and one pedigree boy of this breed in the nursery. We do not accept the content of animals in cages! Our kittens and puppies freely communicate with family members, which helps them to properly socialize in our world and grow friendly and be affectionate companions.

All animals of the nursery receive regular veterinary care and preventive vaccinations against viral diseases. All our pets receive professional super premium food.

Kittens and puppies move to new owners after carrying out preventive vaccinations and are accompanied by a contract of sale. By purchasing a kitten or a puppy, you get a wonderful little affectionate friend, as well as highly specialized advice from a professional felinologist and cynologist.

On the pages of our site you can see photos of our pets and choose a beautiful baby which.