Cattery of St. Petersburg Orchids

Petersburg and Nevsky Orchid is a new, unique and absolutely charming breed of decorative dogs. Nina Nasibova three years brought these dogs and registered the breed in 1997.

These decorative dogs are very popular. They have a spectacular appearance, a variety of colors, a remarkable character and don’t shed anything at all. Petersburg Orchid from the «Star of Ingria» is a bundle of pure happiness in the house!

The Star of Ingria. Famous Kennel in St. Petersburg

Our kennel «Star of Ingria» breeds Petersburg Orchids since 2009. Our first dog of this elegant breed, Triumph of the White Nights Miranda, was purchased from his breeder of the Marina Sycheva in 2008. Thanks to the high pedigree data, she was used for breeding. Miranda laid a foundation for our kennel and left behind many beautiful pedigree dogs.

Petersburg Orchids. What are there?

Nevsky Orchid is a best companion dog. They have a wonderful character, communicate; they love people very much, to sit on the handles and play with the children. Dogs have an average temperament, doesn’t bark without a reason. So they're perfect for elderly people. Petersburg Orchids are hearted, have a good temper. They perfectly coexist with all family members, including cats and other dogs.

The color of the Petersburg Orchid can be anything except pure white. Color can be: Black, Cognac, Straw-coloured, Brindle, from brightly red to gray. Different shades of red, from sand to brick and Black and tan with a variety of colors tan, from gray almost white to brick-red.

Often you can find dogs of color cream-rose, chocolate, chocolate and tan, silver, sable, lilac, isabelline. White markings on the chest, muzzle and paws are allowed.

If you want to decorate your home with a loving, intelligent, beautiful and comfortable dog, we will help you realize your dream!